stall plans cont’d:


I finally have the previous plywood stalls deconstructed.  I hated to ask for help from the guys as they are working hard on the house…and, after all, the horses won’t be moving to the property before me, so, it took me quite some time to tear it all down. I still have a TON of nails to pull from the supports that will remain.  I have no idea what was previously here that required sooo many super heavy duty nails that are all over the posts!

You can see the rough layout of the stalls.  They just squeak in at 10′ x 11′.  This will allow a 5′ walkway in the front of the barn to the other side.  I will have to knock out a 4′ section of cement block in each stall for the doorway.  I considered installing hinged doors rather than sliding to save on cost, but I think in the long run I would regret it.  I’m hoping to use all black coated hardware. I have a real brainiac idea of spraying a rubber coat on the exposed cement block that will remain on the inside of the horse stalls 😉  The last thing I want is injured horses!

I really like the look of these stalls, except with solid stall dividers and much less of the bars so horses have more privacy. Leave the top part of the sliding doors open so horses have the option to hang their heads over to socialize when they want. Also, I will have a header which will hang the sliding doors from….ok… so basically I like the wood color and the black hardware… everything else will be different. This was the picture that I could find to most closely represent what I have in mind!

Here is a view of the upstairs.  I have a LOT of old straw to dispose of.  Probably all sorts of mold and rodents living in it!



A view out the window of the top level.


And another…



In the next picture you can see straight through one of the stalls to “the other” side of the barn that I keep referring to.




My little school desks are coming along.  We had quite a bit of wet weather so I wasn’t able to work on them much.  Only using a small generator for electric also puts limitations on more things than I could have imagined, ie: electric sander, water pump, screw gun, etc… Most of that electricity is dedicated to the guys in the house.

I just keep telling myself “Keep on swimming, keep on swimming…”



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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