Stall Dilemma

inspiration photo 😉

I’m in full swing of the demolition of the interior of Blu’s new living quarters.  I have decided to place the stalls down the center of the barn.  The current location of the tie stalls is on the side of the barn with the feeding troughs setting on a raised poured concrete slab, with a walkway behind the troughs that is also poured cement.  In my opinion that is a total waste of about 4 1/2 ft of usable stall space.  I considered various scenarios… trying to jackhammer approximately 50′ x 4 1/2′ of about 8″ of cement or perhaps filling in the rest of the stall space to match the height… sloping the cement…ugh!

So after troubleshooting with my husband we decided it would be best to totally disassemble current tie stalls, leave the ledge alone, and put the stalls down the center. Currently there are some flimsy plywood stalls in that area. they were used to house calves.   I worked on removing them last night, which isn’t an easy task for a weakling like myself working alone.


I’m hoping to have stalls about 10′ x 11′. I was originally thinking 10′ x 12′, but I would really like to have a walkway to the other side of the barn, so I will have to sacrifice that extra space to get it.  My horses spend the majority of their days (and some nights) turned out anyway.

Now to deal with the 4 1/2′ x 50′ raised 8″ ledge… I think I will transform that area with saddle racks, bridle hooks, feed storage area, etc. etc. Not to worry, the space won’t go unused 😉

The debate to strip or not to strip… the wood on the little school desks?




Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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