Blu’s project

If anyone follows my Pinterest account they know right away that I am a true addict of anything horsey. I don’t stick strictly to any one particular style, but I seem to appreciate a variety. Here is a link for your viewing enjoyment 😉

You can see right away that my color preference is turquoise, a little heavy on the “blu” side of turquoise 🙂

I am also starting a collection a “new barn ideas”, which will be the inspiration for my new (old) barn renovation project….YES! That’s right! I am getting my very own Treasure Horse barn!
My husband and I have recently purchased a 36 acres property. Complete with a huge barn and a few other out buildings, and a large Amish farmhouse! There currently is no (as in none, zero, zilch, nada) electricity on the property. So this is quite the project for us. I am currently putting together some “before” photos to share. Super duper excited as The Treasure Horse Transformation Project begins.
Sneak peak
Please try to disregard my husbands icky truck



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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