remembering warmer days and wet saddle pads



One day this past summer Blu and I took a field trip to a neighboring barn.  This was her first trip in the trailer since I brought her home when I bought her.  She did extremely well considering her limited exposure.  My daughter came along and brought one of her horses.  This was before we started taking lessons with my daughters long time trainer.   Now that I look back on the experience I see so many things I wish I would have done or would have done differently if only I would have had the confidence. But, really, I couldn’t have asked for Blu to have better manors.

Now, notice the stalls!  Love! Although I prefer the warmness and feel of wood, these stalls are very nice. You can literally feed and water horses without ever needing to open the door.  And when you do need to open the stall door, you can very easily do so with one hand by pulling down on one of the spring loaded bars, and voila! They slide open with ease!  Just behind Blu, opposite of the stalls, is a very spacious wash rack.  Complete with an overhead hose that swivels around, just like at the carwash.  The tack room is beside that, with a large observation window. Of course it all wouldn’t be complete without heated floors! yes!  Inside the stalls are several layers of gravel, pea stone, and whatever other appropriate things that are supposed to aid in proper drainage.  Rarely do I see a stray clump of pooh in the stall, and most certainly never any in the isle or walkways.  The other side of the barn has a 60′ round pen, which then can turn out into one of the outdoor arenas if you wish.  There is one large proper arena, and then two other arenas that have firmer footing and double as turn out areas.  All of this with a white rail fence lined with beautiful flowering pear trees on a 36 acre space.  The lady who owns this is probably one of the nicest people I know…and VERY motivated.  Whenever I tell her of how envious I am of her, she reminds me “It took me 56 years to get this! You keep working at it and you will have one too some day!”.  She is truly a role model of motivation for me 🙂                    Thank God for people like her!



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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