I’m Blu, I’m lonesome Too

The four mares enjoying a warm lazy afternoon…big booty probs all the way around

So sorry for being such a neglectful and lazy blogger!

Blu and I have been soooo enjoying our training and riding lessons!  Blu is improving by leaps and bounds…and me…well…let’s just say “slow and steady wins the race” 😉 

I am so happy that I finally made the commitment and investment in doing this for the two of us.  There is just no way I would have been able to progress without the professional help.  Blu is so much more responsive to most any pressure or cues now, and she is really learning to get under herself more (and I’m learning how to ask her to do it more consistently).  I have had to play musical saddles to try and get a comfy fit for BOTH of us.  She is very wide and short backed, and I am very petite, but, I think we finally have it figured out for now. 

A few weeks ago, when the weather really took a turn for the worse here in Michigan, I made the decision to leave Blu at the training barn for regular training and lessons.  It was near impossible for me to do any regular riding at home and it was getting more difficult to get the trailer out in these nasty road conditions.  I miss seeing her daily so much! And more importantly, Minnie misses her!!!  So, I have taken to Pinterest like a maniac! It is helping to curb (or feed) my horsey addiction to some extent.  Yes, I still have a few horses at my place…but it’s just not that same as having that one special horse that is all yours, the one that you love to pamper and stick your cold hands under her warm mane. The one that stands at the gate and waits for you to greet her.

If any of you would like to follow my Pinterest account and have a look see at my crazy and varied frenzy of mismatched horse interests, come visit my boards 🙂     http://www.pinterest.com/maryfab88/treasure-horse/

credit to my title of this entry:

In the still of the night, in the pale moonlight
The wind, it moan and cry
These lonesome blues, I just can’t lose
I’m blue, I’m lonesome too







Horse crazy and lovin' it!

2 thoughts on “I’m Blu, I’m lonesome Too

    1. Hi Judi! yes yes yes! She is amazing 🙂
      She has her own fan club at the training barn. I feel like a fairly competent rider, but I can’t wait until I’m a little more graceful and consistently able to keep her in a nice collected frame. Hopefully sometime soon I can get someone to take some current pics of me with her…maybe even riding 😉

      How are you and your beloved horses doing? I need to pop in on your blog and catch up!

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