Blu goes to school

Blu and I had been plugging along this summer with our riding,,,not really getting anywhere.  Pretty much just learning the feel of each other a bit more.  Finally I decided that if I wanted to advance at all in my riding and with Blu’s performance we needed to get some professional instructions.  I scheduled a session with my daughter’s long time trainer.  

I was so excited, yet nervous beyond reason.  I had never really invested any lessons or training on myself.   Countless hours and dollars worth of lessons for my daughter and training for our other horses…but none for myself.  I have to say…the past few months of taking lessons with my horse from a professional has been PRICELESS!  We have both grown and learned heaps.  Not only that, but our confidence level is so much better.  

We have hit a small bump in the road however, as our lessons have now advanced on to incorporating more cantering, Blu has decided to express her opinion by giving me a buck now and then.  I’m sure it is just a learning curve on both our parts… I have watched all our horses go through similar stages in their training.  It really does destroy my nerves though.  This week I am going to nix my spurs to see if that helps some…maybe I am inadvertently jabbing her too hard when asking for the canter.  I do tend to really clamp down with my legs sometimes.  Just a little glitch that I am sure we will work out.






Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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