color me Blu


Well, what can I say?… I tried…so did Blu.  We saddled up for our beginning of the season ride (kinda late, I know), and gave it a…fair shot. Not our best, not good…just fair. “Fair” was our effort, the actual ride was awful. We were out of sync with each other and had no rhythm. But… it’s a start, right?  Hopefully today will give us a bit of a kick-start and we will get in something of a routine 🙂  It usually does take me a few rides to get comfortable again after some time off.

Ugh! I am desperately out of shape! Even the effort of lifting my saddle was a struggle!

On a good note however, if you have followed me before then you know that we have had some saddling issues after an unfortunate incident, well, anywho, I put Blu in her stall to saddle and unsaddle her several times to desensitize her right off the bat. Then, I took her out and saddled her without incident… go me!!! I don’t want to saddle her in her stall and then lead her out because the doorway is a bit narrow and I don’t want anymore incidents to cause a setback. Now, this did take some extra time, but, I had time to kill today and didn’t want to spend it cleaning stalls or such nonsense 😉

I think I will celebrate with a drink or two tonight!



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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