Blu skies and sunshine

Blu 12-1-12

I enjoyed some saddle time today! It sure felt good to be back in the saddle.  After riding I was grooming Blu and pondering my riding sessions.  I was feeling pretty good about todays ride and both Blu’s and my own performance considering our lack of time together these past few months.  It occurred to me that my riding sessions can usually be classified in one of two categories…

Category A – I am super motivated. Feel good about my abilities. Get dressed in my most favorite riding clothes. All is good in life. Then it starts to unravel… I have difficulty saddling… but that’s o.k. nothing can ruin my mood… difficulty mounting… that’s o.k., I’m on now! Let’s get this ball rollin’…. Ride sucks dirt… bit chomping… nose straight out… head tossing… o.k. well maybe I’m asking too much… I’ll back off a bit and just have some fun… refusal to perform any given command… maybe I should just call it a day and enjoy grooming before I do any more damage… maybe I am just not meant to be any good at this… 😦


Category B – I think I just might go out and ride today… if I’m in the mood when I get there… I’m not really sure… ugh I will grab my boots just in case… hmmm That’s odd, Blu sure was easy to saddle… hmmm mounting went pretty good, that’s odd too… Wow Blu is really soft in the bridle today! Huh! She is even moving her hind quarters and front with leg pressure… just a slight squeeze and we are off at the trot… what??? no spooking??? Good girl Blu! Bend to the left… nice…. bend to the right… nice… ride progresses well… ends on a great note… groom groom groom… hears a treat Blu! Good girl, go play in the pasture now! see ya later Blu! Huh I can do this after all! 🙂

Luckily today was pretty much a Cat B 😉

Rain on the way for the next few days unfortunately… just when I’m seeing the light at the end of this depression tunnel too!



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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