I thought it’s time I gave an update on a few things…

First I will address clicker training.  I admit I am a bit of a clutz, and trying to manage the clicker, the treats, and whatever item or equipment I am trying to use with Blu is quite awkward for me.  So instead of using the proper clicker I simply give a tongue click, which seems to work just as well so long as I follow through with that treat! We have used this method to improve acceptance of saddle and pad, lunge work without using any form of rope or lines, and also improving her stop on voice command.  I temporarily put the spray bottle on the back burner, as this is one of her biggest fears and I felt I needed to focus on getting more yes answers in other areas for now, then will return to the spray bottle as our trust develops more.  I need to be a little more consistent with using this method, but overall this seems to be a great way for me to train.

Now, on to the modifiable bridle. I love this bridles quality, softness, and versatility!  However, I need to make some adjustments.  I can’t seem to get the noseband low enough AND the bit high enough at the same time.  It is just a matter of adjusting the leather hangers that hold the bit, but it will require restitching perhaps, so I want to take it somewhere professional and not try it on my own.  I have not attempted using this bridle as a sidepull yet as we are going along well right now and I don’t want to mess things up, but I do intend on trying soon! In the meantime I am using one of my daughters hunt bridles which is working out fine. 

Next on my list… The Clip. http://www.theclip.info/   I purchased it through http://www.horseloverz.com/Leads-Line-and-Ties/97231-The-Clip-for-HiTie-Trailer-Tether-System.html  This is my newest gadget and probably a life saver for me!  I have experienced issues in the past with horses pulling back and refusing to be tied.  With my son’s first horse several years ago we went through three, yes 3, halters in one weekend, as she pulled back and broke them.  We have several broken fence posts, four inch diameter broken off at the ground, by attempting to tie and not succeeding.  Not to mention the various abrasions or lacerations the horses caused on themselves. I just don’t have the knack to teach horses to tie I suppose!  So you can imagine my horror when Blu attempted to pull back on one occassion!  Nevermind all that though, this gadget is just what I need to relieve my stress, knowing that if Blu pulls hard enough the rope will pull through ( and the tension is adjustable too! ) yet holds her just tight enough that she thinks she is tied fast.  I used it last night for saddling, as I haven’t tied her during saddling since her attempt at pulling back and she has taken full advantage of me!  Well those days are over, and other than a few sideways steps and couple backwards steps until she felt the tension, Blu stood still AND I was relieved that if she did pull back nothing would break and no one would get hurt.  So maybe The Clip is working more for MY benefit than for Blu’s, but either way IT WORKS! I am ordering two more!

My treeless saddle, new pad, and new breast collar seem to be suiting Blu well and I have not had any slipping issues, yay!  The matching girth to this saddle has just arrived and I will be giving that a go tonight 😉

My new riding attire has all arrived now and I will be suiting up soon and will give quite the update on all that!




Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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