Blu in her new gettup…


We are getting there piece by piece. I have had the saddle for several years, it is a Barefoot Arizona, and the cinch is an old felt one. The pad is new and designed specifically for the saddle. I have a new Barefoot brand cinch on order but it will be a few weeks. The trail bridle is the one I mentioned in an earlier post. It is a convertible trail bridle/halter. VERY nice and soft, its kind of a substantial piece though, not lightweight. The breast collar is a Circle Y. Its the kind that goes over the neck, I LOVE it! I am unsure yet what I will do for her hooves when we get to the point of doing a lot of trail riding…. I said WHEN not if! I have a few things ordered for myself that should be arriving within a few days. Also, I bought some nice leather half chaps off eBay used, got a really good deal I think 🙂 Will wait and post photos when it all arrives. Now for my ride today… ugh! Saddling is going much better. Still needs improvement though, I need to be more consistent with click and treating. I was riding in kimberwick, mostly because that is what she was being ridden in when I got her, but I switched to a slow twist snaffle this week. I was hoping she wouldn’t mouth the bit as much, but now she chomps it even more! Her teeth are fine. I’m pretty sure it mostly her just having some confusion… I guess. The ride itself was OK, if you subtract the motorcycle convoy that went by, and the screaming neighbor kids, and the helicopters, oh yeah, annnnnd the neighbor adjacent to us who decided to light off firecrackers! Yes, all this in one short ride. By the time I gave up we were both jumping at any little twig that snapped in the trees, as it was a bit windy out 😉 oh well, after all, tomorrow is another day…



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

4 thoughts on “Blu in her new gettup…

    1. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention the numerous horn honkers that drove by! Really, I think if I had my choice I would move to some nice quiet remote location and only come out I
      Of hiding when I felt like socializing with people 🙂

      1. I should also mention that I wasn’t riding on the road, but our pasture and riding area is adjacent to the road so I have no choice unless I trailer somewhere else 😦

  1. Hi, Mary. Blu is soooooo pretty! I love her gorgeous forelock! Sounds like you’ve been having tack issues too. 🙂 My mare Lena gets a little over-sensitive when it’s windy. I think I would have been besides myself if I’d been riding with those other distractions going on, though. Good for you for dealing with it all. You’re braver than me! 🙂

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