What’s your riding attire???

I posted this to a horsey forum I belong to.  I am enjoying all the responses and decided to add it to my blog here as well.   http://hay-net.co.uk/topic/425/whats-your-riding-attire

This topic may sound a bit frivolous and vain but…

Yesterday when I was riding I had my daughter take several pictures.  I was mortified at how frumpy I looked!  I usually ride in jeans, t-shirt, and cowboy boots.  ugh!  I am average normal weight for my height, have a generous rear, and am short.  Lovely combination, eh?  I know that safety, comfort, practicality, and performance are of most concern, however I hate feeling so self conscious about myself that I don’t want others to see me ride.  

So this leads me to wonder what everyone is wearing and feels good in. I can’t possibly be the only one with this on their mind, am I???

I would really like to shoot for an outfit something like this 🙂  



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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