ridin’ high with blu…


Had a super fantab ride on Blu tonight!  She was very well behaved and moved out easily, but not over reactive.  I have been using my treeless saddle lately and decided it was time to invest in a special pad designed specifically for it.  I can’t believe the difference it made!  The pad really gave the saddle the extra support and form to make me feel a bit more secure.  We even progressed on to a few strides of cantering here and there, and for the first time we ventured out into the pasture for a short 15 minute hack.  I am on cloud nine!  Also, had my daughter take a couple minutes of video, I def need to keep the reins a bit more still, hope I didn’t rattle her mouth too much.  I about died when I saw how awful my riding attire makes me look!  A good reason to shop is what I’m thinking…



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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