basic thoughts…

Now that I have had some time to reflect on the past couple of weeks I have come to some conclusions…  

First, Blu does best with regular handling.  She is a sweetheart no matter what, but I think she appreciates more of a routine. This is probably true with all of my horses, but much more so with Blu.

Second, it’s best to give her a moment to sniff something and give a snort then to let her be suddenly shocked at its presence.  That is not to say to make a big deal out of small things however, she definitely is one that feeds off her handlers emotions.  

And third, a few treats go a long way 🙂 

I know these are all basic points, but sometimes we need to go back to the basics when we hit a snag in the line.  I am still lovin’ this horse! ❤



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

2 thoughts on “basic thoughts…

  1. It can be a lot of fun to learn how a new horse works–and sometimes it can be quite frustrating, too. Sounds like you are now having fun. I had trouble with Cole when I first got him when I tried to lead him into the barn. At first I thought he didn’t like barns. We tried coaxing, pushing, whip tapping and bribery. It took a few weeks for me to figure out that the mare he had to walk by was making nasty faces at him and he was afraid to pass her. She still scares him at times…

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