an evening with blu…

Had a great day yesterday, and I think Blu did too 😉  Saddling is going good as well. I didn’t click and treat nearly as often as it seems she is coming along nicely.  I did go ahead and order a saddle pad specifically designed for my treeless saddle, I also ordered a nice leather breast collar that has a wither strap to help keep it in place.  I think they will both be versatile enough to use with any of my saddle options if I chose to switch them up.

Now I will address the spray bottle clicker training… I think I may be trying to progress too quickly.  Blu is still terrified of it.  I can get her to touch her nose to it, I can touch her body with it, I can spray away from her if it is at least a couple feet, but I cannot spray her anywhere or spray towards her.  Hmmm. I will figure this out eventually…

I saved the best for last….  I was able to get Blu into a canter!  It was only a few strides but it was awesome 🙂  It wasn’t my goal for the evening but it just fell into place. 




Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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