saddle options

Clicker training is progressing nicely for Blu’s saddle and pad phobia.  She wasn’t skittish about either today, but still tensed up when both were placed on her back.  After several repetitions she did ease up a bit.  

I added haltering to her clicker training.  I would not classify Blu as a “hard to halter” horse, but she will be evasive by turning her head several times when I first approach her with the halter.  She now she has to place her nose in the halter to hear the click and receive her treat.  I did sense her getting a little frustrated when I tried to progress with that one, so I backed off a bit and will continue working on it everyday until we have it mastered. I don’t really think it will take very long at all.

On another note, I have a few different saddles, as many horse people do. I have a heavy duty western style roughout training saddle, a light weight contoured cut treeless western style saddle, and a hunt seat work saddle.  

The heavy training saddle is the one Blu had her incident in.  It seemed to fit her o.k. and is very secure feeling for me, but it did have that tendency to slip on her extremely round self.  

My treeless saddle seems to fit her like a glove (as my daughter also commented on how nice it shaped her form yesterday), but is not quite as secure feeling for me however is VERY comfortable to sit in. I would also need to invest in a pad designed specifically for a treeless saddle with spinal clearance, though Blu has natural spinal clearance 🙂  and also a nicer breast collar.

As far as the hunt seat saddle goes, I am not quite sure it fits her.  I think the actual tree is fine, but the gullet is soooo high, it must be designed for a horse with very prominent withers. I bought it used for another horse I have, but was never really able to use it much so I never got the “feel” of riding in it. It does have a textured seat and knee rolls to help with that secure feeling though.

Any opinions on these options I have listed?  



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2 thoughts on “saddle options

  1. I’m so glad the clicker has been helping you! I bet she will be diving into the halter in no time at all–just like my sister’s horse when she bridle’s him, now.

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