click click…

Official clicker training began today.  I started off slow, just click and treat a few times when Blu was standing still.  Then some leading lessons without using a rope.  Lots of click and treat when she did what was asked.  I worked really hard on my timing, but did get a little flustered here and there.  

After I felt she was really getting the idea I brought out the saddle and placed it on the ground. She snorted at it, of course.  When she stood still near it and looked calm I clicked and treated. I tried many variations of removing the saddle from her space, and also removing her and then bringing her back.  I also rewarded for a sniff of the saddle and eventually for a nose touch to the saddle.  I also carried the saddle around while leading her, she protested at first, but then after her first steps with a click and a treat she was much happier to follow the saddle.

Eventually we progressed to the saddle being placed on her back while she stood still for the duration, from both sides 😉    When we initially placed the saddle on her back I held her while my daughter put the saddle on, I was having a hard time handling saddle, clicker, treat, and horse.  I didn’t want to tie her for this, as she pulled back the other day, and I didn’t want to break MY confidence any more either.  So, after that went well several times I was able to handle Blu and saddle her by myself without my daughters help.

I hope tomorrow goes well and I wont require ANY help to saddle. It makes me feel like such a nimkumpoop to have to ask for help to simply saddle my horse!

I think clicker training may have opened up a new playground for me 🙂

Here she is this morning looking like a naughty pony, but you can see her dapples a bit better.  In person they were just brilliant looking ❤




Horse crazy and lovin' it!

2 thoughts on “click click…

  1. Hurray! It’s working! I am so happy I was able to help you out. You really seem to understand how it works, too. Break it into baby steps and watching your timing. You will have her doing dance steps like her son in no time.

    Here is something I taught Cole, that might be handy. Standing perfectly still for mounting and not moving until he is told. He is so awesome that I think a tree could fall next to him, and he wouldn’t take a step. It is a great safety behavior, and it was easy to teach.

    Cole gets a little dapply, too, but it isn’t as obvious on him. I love dapples. She sure is a lovely horse.

    Can’t wait to hear how you progress…

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestions. This morning I started with training her to put her nose in her halter. She isn’t really difficult to halter but will be evasive for a few tries until she is certain its not a horse swallowing apparatus. It was a good start but when I felt her getting a little overwhelmed I backed off to where she was comfortable again. I will continue with that one for sure.

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