total suck up…


Blu has some beautiful dapples, which I was trying to photograph but she decided to try “kiss and make up” instead.

This morning when I got Blu out of her stall, she seemed very pleased to see me.  Ears perked, a little nicker greeting.  It was nice.  We went straight to the horse trailer and I opened the tack room door where I keep the grain and let her snoop inside a little.  I fed her a handful of grain and pet her.  I practiced putting the pad on a few times.  She was snorty and a little jumpy, but tolerated it “o.k.”.  Then we did some walking in the grass where I let her graze for about 10 minutes.  I turned her out for the day in our riding area, where she is in this picture.  I did not put another horse in with her, however I put Mini in the smaller paddock on one side of her, and the other 2 mares in the larger pasture that you see in the background.  She wasn’t entirely pleased with the situation, but she was much happier to see me when I stopped in to check on her just after lunch 😉  I snapped a few pictures and tried to give her a bite of my oatmeal cookie, she refused it. oh well, I put it in the feeder in case she changed her mind later.

This evening my daughter decided to officially start prepping her quarter horse mare for show season.  So, while she started their workout I got Blu out and led her to the trailer again.  A handful of grain, a few bites of grass, life is good.  I was able to place the saddle on her a few times with considerably less difficulty than yesterday.  At one point when I tried to swing the saddle up I lost my grip a bit, which created some anxiety but we were able to work through it.  I can see this will take some time for sure, and consistency has to be my top priority here.

Blu went back to her stall for the night.  I sprinkled a handful of grain in the feeder beside her hay, feeling guilty at the excitement she showed when the other horses were getting their scoops 😦  I think I will buy her a bag of apples and carrots as her special evening “grain”…



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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