back to square one

Today was the first day I allowed Blu out to pasture to roam freely.  I expected exuberant galloping and bucks galore… nope, she saw green grass and her nose hit the ground!  I turned her out with her buddy mare, Gracie.  They grazed side by side without incident for a good share of the day.  When I went out later in the day to catch her, she had no qualms about it.  Gracie nickered a few times then gradually followed, a good distance behind.

When we got back to the riding arena, which also doubles as a smaller turnout area, I decided to only bring Blu in and do a little ground work.  Up to this point I still haven’t ridden since our “incident”.  After much thought and some hesitation I decided to go ahead and saddle her. I used my treeless saddle with a small shaped non slip pad and a breast collar that I have had laying around forever but have rarely used, however I promised myself I would not ride again without one.  She was a little anxious when I swung the saddle up, but after that she settled right down and had absolutely no problems with the rest of the tacking up.

I was probably wayyyy more concerned than she was about any saddle slippage.  I mounted so carefully I wouldn’t have disturbed a fly!  I kept things short and sweet, but she did work up a little bit of a sweat under the pad.

Now that her confidence is up to par, I just need to work on mine… 😉



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

4 thoughts on “back to square one

  1. I loved reading your blogs about my baby’s mamma. I’m sure you are going to have a lovely time with her. Did you have to put her on a diet? I think Cole lost 200 pounds since I bought him. I quit measuring after the first 100. Tamara had him on hay only, but all he could eat–and he sure does like to eat. I know her hay was heavy in alfalfa. I bet he still dreams about the “good old days…”

    Did you find the pictures on my blog of her?

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 Yes, I did see a couple pics of Blu in with Cole’s baby pics, how sweet! Well Blu is quite round and built like a brick $**t house, but what I have done for now is put her on pretty much the same feeding regime that the rest are on (grassy alfalfa mix twice a day, 1/2 scoop grain once a day), and then after I get a regular work and riding schedule going I will have to see how it may need to be adjusted. But my daughter swears she is already looking a bit fitter, haha! I wish I would have measured for a baseline when she first came home. I hate feeding round bales because it really gives me no idea on a daily basis how their intake is and plus too much goes to waste for my liking.
      I will look forward to keeping up on your blog as well! Happy trails!

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