320 Arabian Hunter Pleasure, JOTR 14-17










My daughters purebred Arabian gelding, ZM Kahlula B Bay, she has owned him for 5 years and they have become a great team!








Horse crazy and lovin' it!

3 thoughts on “320 Arabian Hunter Pleasure, JOTR 14-17

    1. Neither would I!! You are looking at more than 6 years of professional riding lessons for the young lady and about 5 years of professional training on the horse 🙂 I always say it has been an investment for both. This horse was an unbroke, practically untouched and unhaltered 9 year old (yes I said NINE year old!) when we started with him. The previous owners never really cared for his looks or temperament so they just left him to run in the pasture. His sire was one of the studs at the lesson barn my daughter goes to, and when our trainer had the opportunity to get him she snapped him up and went to work on him. She called me one day because she knew we were in the market for something affordable yet purebred with good lines, and she said “I think you might want to come take a look at this one”. And the rest is history….

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