pedicure day at the zoo

Sixteen hooves and three hours later… my bunions are killing me!  I suppose putting in about 5 hours at work before hand did help contribute, and not to mention the other menial tasks that need tended to through out the day as well.  I left the house at about 8:15 this morning, and other than driving, I just sat down at 7:30 tonight.  I think I am going to invest in a decent pair of tennis shoes for days like this.  I don’t really need riding boots today, or muck boots, just a decent comfy supportive pair of shoes. All leather please, no nylon tennies.

First horse at the gate was the first to get trimmed, Grace.  She did very well today, she has a time limit however, and once that limit is reached her patience are done.  Thank goodness that limit wasn’t reached until the farrier was on the last hoof, just doing some finishing touches 😉

Next at the gate was Minnie.  Her first time to be trimmed while in our care.  She did fantabulous! In spite of her bad reputation, she was truly exceptionally well behaved. I was proud of her. 

Number three was waiting her turn in her stall.  I had put her up right before the farrier was to arrive and gave her a healthy dose of sedative to wait her turn.  My sweet petunia Suzie Q.  She has behavioral issues with the vet and farrier.  I really don’t know how it originated, but none the less, it is by far less traumatic for everyone involved if she gets some sedation to help her through the process.  Though her hooves themselves are very healthy, she needs special shoes and pads to help her maintain a correct angle.  It is very time consuming when she is well behaved, so when she starts acting up… it can be a long drawn out nightmare.  Suzie did pull her feet away a few times, and had a hard time balancing when she had to put all her weight on her bad foot, but none of the extreme naughtiness we have experienced in the past.  After her pedicure she was placed back in her stall to recover from her sedation.

And last, but certainly not least, was Blu.  I decided to leave her for last so she could become familiar with a new person and the new trailer and tools.  She was in the small paddock right next to us, so she was exposed to everything that was going on.  Of course she was alert at first, but after the second hour dragged by, she went about her business of munching on hay and daydreaming of whatever it is horses daydream of.  She does not seem to have any lingering lameness from her rodeo debut, but her lower leg is quite a bit skinned up.  She didn’t seem to favor it or flinch when it was handled.  She behaved extremely well also.  She even surprised us by not batting an eyelash when 4 people on four-wheelers went zooming by and at the same time a large truck passed them and laid on his horn several times.  We all laughed a bit about that one.  I am surprised at how many people honk as they drive by when they see us outside working with our horses.  I am glad that they do get some desensitizing with this, but sometimes it gets a little irritating.

My farrier is a very meticulous professional.  He inspects, pares, trims, measures, inspects, file, measure, inspects….etc.  I feel very confident with his ability.  He doesn’t just finish the hoof then move on to the next and be done with the first.  He finishes a hoof, moves on to the next, then compares them for proper balance, and doesn’t hesitate to go back to the first if he thinks it needs tweaked a bit more to be in balance as a whole.  Then he has me walk away with the horse and back towards him.  I am counting on him for a miracle you know… Suzie Q is counting on him…



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

2 thoughts on “pedicure day at the zoo

  1. I found that when I transferred from riding boots to tennis shoes my feet hurt! I was told instead of trying to be comfortable in tennis shoes to instead wear a pair of rounded toe low heel roper boots. I did.. and my feet are soooo happy now! I only use my pointed riding boots when called for now 🙂

    1. It always takes me forever to make a decision on something like this anyway, I will probably change my mind at least three times before finally settling on a pair. I have tried ropers, round toe, square toe, terrain style, etc. The fact is my feet are fussy. Also they seem to go through spells where they just hurt worse then at other times. I was even looking at some paddock style boots last night…hmmmm decisions decisions….

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