colossal catastrophe!


This is a picture of Blu minutes before her train wreck…

Everything was going wonderfully, enjoyed a nice breakfast with hubby and daughter, beautiful sky, sun shining, birds chirping, Blu loved her jewelry, some pre-ride ground work with the saddle on, and then it happened… the saddle slipped… just a little at first, then as I went toward her she must have sensed the fear in me and she scooted away which caused the saddle to slip further to her side.  Blu bucked a little then kicked at it, that is when her hoof slipped through the stirrup and became stuck for what seemed like eternity!  She hopped and bucked and struggled fiercely to try and free her hoof from the stirrup. I was praying so hard that something on my saddle would just break and free her, but no, it wasn’t to be.  

She finally came to a stop.  With her leg still cocked up under her belly and her hoof wedged in the stirrup, she stood trembling, sweating, panting, and snorting.  My daughter was at my side instantly with a lead rope, she tried to calm and steady her while I pulled desperately at the buckle on the cinch.  Blu was putting so much pressure on the stirrup it made it impossible for me to release the buckle.  I prayed for God to please give me strength over and over.  I moved to the other side of her and was finally able to release the cinch.  

Blu was able to shake her foot from the stirrup immediately, but it was obvious she was hurting.  It took several minutes to calm her enough to thoroughly assess the situation.  Yes, she has some superficial (kind of on the deep side) scrapes and abrasions, but I did not note any huge swelling coming on immediately.  So after working with her on holding still for quite a few minutes, I was able to put a cold hose on her, for about an hour I stood with her and hosed her leg down with cold water.  I am usually pretty good at keeping some emergency things on hand, or at least know others that I can borrow from in a pinch.

So this was my course of action… Cold hose down for one hour, two grams of bute for swelling and inflamation (and of course pain relief), antiseptic cream to abrasions wrapped with vet wrap and then a snug polo wrap to support her tendons and help prevent swelling, liniment applied to surrounding muscles, and finally some hand walking to prevent stiffness from setting in too bad.  Finally, my daughter and I gave her a bit of a beauty treatment to her mane and tail.  We didn’t feel comfortable to just up and leave her, we wanted to stick around and keep an eye on her.  

After the crisis had subsided and the adrenaline had eased, we did put a bareback pad on her and tightened the cinch to see if she was going to hold a grudge.  No grudge to be held here!  Thank goodness!

It will still be a few days before I know if she will have any lingering injuries, I pray she won’t.  

I admit it, I cried.

It has been such a long and stressful couple of years, trying to get my Suzie Q sound again, then realizing that the outcome is not good.  Having dreams that are so close, I am literally touching them, but they are not to be quite yet.

I had visions of cantering in the pasture today, maybe that outcome would have been worse… I will not say the devil is against me.. I will say God must have had watch over me today and saved me (or Blu) from a worse fate!




Horse crazy and lovin' it!

6 thoughts on “colossal catastrophe!

  1. I wanted to add, I will definitely invest in a nice new well fitting breast collar before I attempt to saddle and ride again! This incident has impressed upon me that breast collars do have safety benefits, especially if your horse is a bit on the round side and saddle slippage is an issue.

  2. Well, it seems you did all ya could for her afterward…including letting her feel the weight of the bareback pad on her. No, the devil ain’t pokin’ you with his pitch fork, stuff like that just happens when ya got horses. Ya try to foresee everything that can go wrong but Mr. Murphy and his law of troubles will surely dog your trail.

  3. what a brave horse you have! she sounds like a strong character! Take it slow with her, you need to enjoy every minute for yourself anyway, or this beautiful honeymoon period will just fly by!

    Accidents happen. I had no idea that could happen though! A western saddle I presume? I recently got a breast plate for my dressage saddle and think that Saf looks the bees knees with it on! I use it for the martingale attachment though..

    Im sure blu is fine! but sending her lots of love xx

    1. Yes Sarah, I was admiring the picture of your new tack the other day, very nice indeed! I am definitely considering the 5 point breastplate for sure. I have seen western and hunter saddles slip before, but I think the stirrups are a bit smaller on the hunter saddle, so likelihood of a hoof going into it is probably less, but still possible. I am still so shaken by the whole incident, probably more so than Blu. My plan is to start using my treeless western and my hunt saddle, both with a breastplate, and use a non slip pad. I usually try to stay away from the neoprene stuff because I worry about galling and the fact it doesn’t really absorb sweat, but safety first… 😉

      1. Safety first indeed! It is funny that we often get more worked up about these things than the horses do! We complain sometimes about how much looking after them we have to do but they do look after us back! I hope all her legs are OK. I am sure they are. These things just happen! I know the guilt is unbearable though isnt it? When my old pony slipped and fell on a road surface while I was riding him I beat myself up for weeks! xx

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