blu rhythm beads

The rhythm beads for Blu arrived!  I found the person who makes these on facebook.  I was able to get the horse “necklace” and mane clip for $23, which included shipping.  I thought this was a pretty good deal compared to other prices I found.  I was considering making my own, but I would have had to buy every single item needed as I don’t have anything like that on hand.  I would have ended up spending a lot more, of course then I probably would have had supplies enough to make 10 of each! haha!

I had seen several photos of examples that she had made for others, so I had a pretty good idea of color scheme and design I liked.  I sent her a brief description and a picture of my horse, just in case she had a better idea that might compliment her more.  A day or two later she sent me a photo for approval, I paid via paypal, and bing bang they were in the mail!  Very happy with the appearance of them, though I wouldn’t have chosen the cowboy boot beads, but my fault for not noticing that was what they were, for some reason I thought they were feathers…. I hope they hold up to actual use.  I will try to get some pics tomorrow of Blu wearing them and report back as to the durability 😉

If you want the information off the business card to order your own just let me know.  I tried to take a clear picture of it.



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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