The horse that didn’t whinny


Since Blu has come to live with us I have not heard her whinny.  I have heard a few soft nickers when I go out to feed, and a few squeals while the heard sorts out their pecking order, but no real whinnying.  She never called to the horses as we drove away from her previous home, nor to the new horses at our place.  She has just remained her alert calm self, other then that first day.  Is it possible that some horses don’t whinny and only vocalize occasionally?

For the first time I turned her out with two of the other horses today for a couple hours.  So far she is queen bee!  Surprising, with her otherwise calm demeaner I thought she would be more mellow in the pasture.  Tomorrow I may try her with the more dominant mare and see how they sort things out 🙂

Blu has been use to wearing a halter 24/7 at her previous home, so tonight for the first time I decided to remove her halter and give her that bit of freedom.  She has proved easy enough to catch at this point, so I don’t anticipate a problem in the morning.  I will let you know if I am wrong :/

I have placed an order for some rhythm beads.  They look like a neat idea.  A mix of fashion and soothing functionality.  A little jingle jangle jingle as we trot merrily… 😉



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

3 thoughts on “The horse that didn’t whinny

  1. Did she ever get checked by a vet for throat or nasal problems? I’m not saying she has anything wrong but a whinny is a method of communicating. It just seems a bit odd, that’s all. Maybe she just doesn’t have anything to say?

      1. probably just it’s personality. She’d be the pride of the Comanche for sure. They would train their horses not to whinny or nicker. Silent and stealthy 🙂

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