happy trails to meeeee….

Our first ride at home went swimmingly I must say!  Blu was very well behaved, however I do need to add she is not a very well trained riding horse.   She has the basics, and I am by no means a trainer, so this is definitely a work in progress.  Let’s just say she lacks power steering 😉 her breaks are pretty good, and reverse is a little sluggish….but in the few rides total that we have had together, we are learning each other very well 🙂

As you can tell by the picture, she worked up quite a sweat.  She did enjoy a nice cool down with a little hose off and then some pampered grooming, which I probably enjoyed more than she did… She was introduced to the hose and spray bottle today and took it like a champ!

My Suzie Q stayed tucked away nicely in her stall enjoying some hay and peace and quiet, probably relieved to be off the hook for a change.  I felt a little bit like a trader though, lolly gagging around with another horse!  Maybe being out of the spotlight for a while will do her some good and she will have a miraculous recovery!…. ❤




Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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