Blu is home!!!!

Here we are! Straight off the trailer, she is checking out the neighborhood!

So, today was the big day to pick up Blu.  Of course things couldn’t go on without a little glitch, right?  Before I even left the drive I had problems with the trailer lights not working properly. But with a little tweaking I was on the road.  My daughter riding shotgun to help out.

As I arrived I noticed Tamara standing out by the barn, who promptly waved me the correct direction for loading.  She had moved Blu to different paddock so we would have easier access to her.

As we finished up the paper work, my daughter stood with her near the trailer, just casually letting her eat some grass and sniff the trailer.  We noticed them move to the back of the trailer. The door to the trailer was open and some hay was on the floor of the trailer.  Blu ate some of the hay and then looked further inside the trailer.  Before we knew it, she had stepped in, and to the front of the trailer she went.  We hopped up and shut the door and secured her in place.  Pretty much self loading I would say!  She has only been trailered once before, so this was shocking.  She stood patiently waiting inside the trailer while we said our goodbyes.

The one hour and 15 minute ride home was totally uneventful, only feeling her shift her weight a few times.  No pawing, no kicking, no obnoxious whinnies.  I was almost scared to open the trailer door to see what we would find…  So, very cautiously I stepped to the side of the trailer to find my sweet pony staring out wide eyed, never making a peep.  I untied and my daughter unloaded her then handed her over to me.  She very graciously stepped out, and was covered in sweat, she was a bundle of nerves but never made a misstep.

I had made sure to put the other horses in their stalls before we left to avoid chaos with the arrival of a new horse.  Previous experience told me this would be best.  Their windows were open however, and they were quick to give her a proper greeting!  After spending several minutes letting her take in her surroundings and take a few nervous bites of grass, I put her in her stall that was already bedded down and well stocked with hay and water.

I did open her window for a few minutes as well so she could check out her view.  Then I closed her up for the night to settle in with her buddies.   I can’t wait until tomorrow morning to go see how she is doing and get this show on the road!



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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