meeting blu….again


YeeHaw!!!   Amaretto Blu is a go! My daughter and I went out for another test ride today, my daughters first time meeting her.  She loved her and thought we were a perfect match.  My daughter is one of the most opinionated and horse discriminating person there is, so I knew if she could pass her test we were on.  

This time Amaretto was in the paddock and not in her stall.  I could tell by my daughters expression that she liked her looks, she liked several of the horses looks. Amaretto was hesitant to walk through the mud but was definitely not difficult to catch.  The routine was the same as the last time.  She was tied while we groomed her, then we did some free lunging, then saddled her.  Her owner was the first to ride, then myself, then my daughter.  During the whole process I kept a close eye on my daughters face and reactions to every little detail.  After riding in the round pen, my daughter rode her down a dirt path and out into a large field.  Amaretto was slightly hesitant to leave the barn area, but with some encouragement she moved on without incident.  She was alert at a couple of things while out, but nothing that I would call a spook, however she did skirt around some farm equipment things.  When being ridden back to the barns she did not get antsy or hurried.

My daughter honestly did not have one negative thing to say about her, and even admitted that she liked her quite a bit more than she expected to 🙂 yay!  The only thing we could fault her on is that she lacks experience, but her calm temperament and willingness makes me believe we will be able to work with her. 

The owner and I negotiated a free breeding into the deal and I gave her a one third of the purchase price as down payment, the remainder will be paid when I go pick her up after her coggins results are in, which should be about 2 weeks.  I am super excited to finally get my own project under way!





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