calgon, take me away!

Well, I feel like I have lost my momentum on my horse hunt venture.  I am at somewhat of a standstill.  The ferrier wont be out to trim Amaretto until next Wednesday, so I have been given the option to reschedule if I like, but also welcomed to come out on Saturday AND again after hooves are trimmed.  Which is a real nice offer I will consider.  It may partially depend on weather, among several other things I will touch base on.

In the meantime I am finding several other advertisements for real cheap horses, some younger, some older, some more well trained, some not.  But none that are really speaking to me like Amaretto.  As I have mentioned, I am really looking for something half arab or possibly full arab, mostly to act as double duty, if needed, for my daughter, as she shows on arab cicuit.  I keep telling myself not to “settle” on a horse.  I intend on keeping my horse forever, so I really need to be content and happy with my decision.  The more that I have been researching the Morab breed, the more I like it.  I have really analyzed practically every moment of my visit with the mare also.  The only thing I can fault her on at this point is lack of training.  But with her willing disposition I don’t think this is a problem.

Now to touch on other events….. In one day this is what was going on in my life….*sister has surgery to remove part of her lung. *drop husband off at airport for a week long trip.  *son and his fiance go to hospital to have labor induced due to preeclampsia. *regular work schedule to attend to. *3 horses to care for. *assist in care for Mom. *cell phone breaks due to taking a dip in the potty, go get spare cell phone from daughter. *drama of 16 year old daughter to deal with.  Can we say “STRESS”?!?!?!  I need to go cry in a horsey mane….



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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