tomorrow is only a day away…….

So, tomorrow is the big day for me to go meet and take a test ride on Amerreto Blu.  I am skeptically excited. I know that I have worked this up in my own mind to be some earth shattering moment.  You know, the kind of moment when the clouds part, rays of sunshine spray down from the Heaven’s, and trumpets blow?  Well, since I know I have done this to myself, I am already preparing for a huge let down.

Though I made myself the checklist a few weeks back, I have yet to check off the one that says I will ride my daughters horse more frequently.  Now I do have several legitimate reasons as to why I haven’t, but I am the queen of being guilt motivated.  So, I am hanging my head in shame and admitting that I haven’t ridden in quite some time.

The reason for my admission of above mentioned guilt is that I am a little (o.k. a lot) concerned that during my test ride on Blu (yes, I have already given her a barn name) I will not be able to get her to canter.  Suzy Q and I have been together for several years now, so she has learned every little thing about me (good and bad), she knows when I want a canter, and it is usually not an issue.  My daughters horse is a different story.  She has her trained her way.  Try as I may, she will not canter unless she is good and ready for me in her time.  So, I fear of making a complete idiot of myself.  The good thing is, I have witnessed this particular problem not with only myself, but many others as well.  I do realize if everything else is a go I should not let that one thing hold me back.

I am glad that I am pretty neurotic about asking as many questions as possible of the seller before I commit to driving out for a look at the horse.  It will help eliminate some of the Q and A’s.  I hope I can keep the stars out of my eyes long enough to have a really good look over every square inch of the horse.  I already have some pretty good confirmation photos, so I already have a good idea about that area.  I really want to focus my attention on temperament, personality, willingness, any scars, clear eyes, hoof condition, oh dear I think I am drawing a blank….  I think I may hand write a complete list and take it along. 😉



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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