horse sense

Is it possible to have a connection with a horse before you ever meet her in person?  Strictly through pictures, videos, and owner description alone?  With a desire for that connection so strong that it works?  Would the horse sense that desire and have a natural curiosity to investigate it?  Wouldn’t it be too insensitive to say it was just coincidence or luck if the relationship really does work out?  Unless the horse is a total nutcase, can someone make it work?  No, I don’t intend to give a horse human characteristics, but, can the horse sense that desire and that alone increases the probability of the relationship working?

Yes, you guessed it, I am anticipating this connection with the morab mare.  I am scheduled to see her on Saturday and I CAN’T WAIT!  However, it will be her temperament that will be the greatest determination as to whether or not we will be a fit.  If she seems to be a high strung lunatic I will have to walk away.  I don’t want to rehabilitate an emotional wreck.  I did receive a video of her in the round pen and she has nice movement and looks like she has a very calm manner about her.  Her owner is forwarding another video of her tonight.  I will be excited to see it 😉




Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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