research on the hunt

With concern regarding the morab mares confirmation, I was prompted to do a little research on the breeds build and such.  It appears this mare does look fairly typical of the breed, slightly on the fluffier side however. It is common for the morab to take on the stockier build of the morgan.  I believe her neck does look a bit thick, but I believe it appears that way more because it is a bit shorter, then you ad the arabs hookiness to it, and the arabs dainty dished head, so this is what you get. It is common for the morab to also have a short back. Of course you are going to have extremes on either end of the spectrum depending on the breeding program.

Morab Breed Infomation – International Morab Breeders Association.

The information I read on the link above made me like the breed even more!  Temperament sounds exactly what I am looking for and very similar to how the owner described her.  I think I’m in love  ❤   🙂

These are two photos that I thought best depicted the description I read about.  Now please take into account these two horses are obviously well conditioned and toned.  The little mare I am looking into has only been casually ridden and used for some breeding.
The last picture is the mare I want…

So, would you think it silly to start shopping for supplies before you actually buy the horse???…..



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

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