“Sell” me your horse!

On my hunt I have found that people don’t really want to “sell” a horse, they want someone to just come and “buy” their horse.  “Sell” me your horse, entice me, excite me, romance me, get me hooked, make me feel like I can’t live without it, anything!

I can’t believe the pictures that people put up with their advertisements.  The horses are dirty, muddy feet, legs, and sometimes all the way across their backs, caked on mud. They give you only a head shot sometimes, like 3 or 4 different angles of their head only. Come on people! I don’t ride on their head! A horse doesn’t go lame on his head.  You can’t tell a horses confirmation by his head alone. Yeah, a nice soft face is good and all, but…. well, you get the picture.  So, sometimes they throw in a full body shot, with their head stuck in the feed pan, or grabbing a mouth full of grass. The funniest thing is when they say “pictures don’t do him justice”, hahahahahaha! you aren’t kidding, especially pictures like those!

One person had advertised on facebook with a picture of their horse (a front on view), and it said something like “need to sell, 2 year old, sweet horse”, very vague and generalized. I thought the horse “looked” nice and was a really cheap price, so I asked “can you give me more information about this horse”.  Her response was “what do you want to know?”! Come on now, how about gender, breed, height now, expected height, training level, registered or not? The list could go on as anyone with half a brain would know.

Another thing, what is wrong with asking someone for a video of their horse who lives 2 or 3 hours away? Especially with gas prices sky high, not to mention the travel time, why is this a big ordeal. I don’t want show footage at a professional level, I just want to see how the horse goes about. How it carries itself. Things you can’t see in a still shot of a dirty horse with its head stuck in a feed pan.

And I hate it when people say “serious inquiries only” “no tire kickers”. Well, hello here, if I am going to come to your place, and spend my hard earned money on something of yours, then you better darn well be prepared to answer as many questions as I feel I need to ask before I hand over the cash. Just because I drive out to look at your horse, in no way obligates me to buy it. I work hard for my money, and horses are living breathing creatures that are expensive to care for and a huge responsibility. I don’t want to get stuck with something that was misrepresented or that I didn’t really take the time to learn what it really is.

As far as my two prospects go that I previously mentioned, I am still waiting for the owner of the arab mare, Fanci, to let me know if the woman who had first dibs on her wants her or not, and the owner of the morab, Ameretto blu, is “looking” to see if she has any video of her to send me.

I ask myself “how bad do these people want to sell their horse?”



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

9 thoughts on ““Sell” me your horse!

  1. Nicely written, Mary, and I have to agree with you. When people put so little effort into selling their horse, it makes you wonder how much effort they’ve ever put in to taking care of the poor thing! Also, if this is how much interest they show when they actively want your money, imagine how little they’ll care if you have any questions or concerns once the deal’s gone through! 😦

    1. My thoughts too Roberta! How would I be able to trust someone like that? How could I be comfortably certain they are being honest? I guess that is what makes some of us true compassionate horse lovers. And that’s ok with me, I’m not ashamed to be one 😉

  2. I have to sell a horse next week.. and the pictures will be muddy.. because the horse is muddy! The horse is from an Irish dealer and I have only seen it 3 times. Silly I know but the horse deserves a home, a GOOD home… I wouldnt want to hard sell the horse to somebody who might potentially be a bad match, because then you never know where the horse might end up! All a seller wants is a good home for the horse! You dont want to find out the horse you sold ended up as meat a year later…

    (She is 15hh, 7yo, bay and a beautiful mover, from a natural horsemanship yard in Ireland, gentle as you like, bomb proof in traffic – £2200 – youd love her! Postage not included :/)

    1. Good luck on the sale and finding a good home. I understand the mud situation, but please, at least include some full body shots for confirmation and be as descriptive as possible in your ad. Be prepared for people to request some type of video. It doesn’t have to be much, even some in hand or on the lines or round pen type stuff. By all means be selective with who the horse is sold to. You have every right to interview the buyer as much as the buyer has to interview you and the horse. I am sure you will do a great job!

      And she does sound perfect! Too bad shipping would kill me 😦

  3. yeah here’s hoping for a nice girl to come and buy her! Video is a good idea, il deffo try and shoot her doing something 🙂 Hoping the snow here goes away and the ground sorts itself out so we can really do something with her! boo winter weather! Good luck with your horse quest! Enjoying your blog 🙂 xx

    1. I should have mentioned to get references from prospective buyers as well. It shouldn’t matter how cheap or expensive the horse is, a genuine horse lover will not hesitate to give some references as to the care they provide their animals 😉

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