Continued Prayers for Tina

Well, the news about my sisters PET scan aren’t the best. She does have stage one lung cancer.  The tumor is about the size of a nickle at this time and hasn’t changed since the original x-ray one month ago. It also appears to be well contained to one area. The plan at this time is to see a surgeon next week to have that part of her lung removed. I am sure after they determine the type of cancer it is they will then make plans for further treatments.

I am ever so grateful for any kind thoughts and prayers offered. I am also thankful that she developed this nagging pneumonia that sent her for the x-rays to begin with, or the cancer may not have been found for much longer. I know God is watching out over her, but I also know some things happen and we never really understand why.

My sister and I have not had a very close relationship for the past few years, mostly because of the distance in miles that separate us, and also just because of my own standoffish inability to communicate well with others when I am hurt or upset.

My Dad passed away 12 years ago of lung cancer, and my half-sister passed away a couple of years before that of breast cancer. So, needless to say “cancer” is a very scary word to us! My sister is only 48, much too young to have this hanging over her head. Her husband is a very loving man towards her, and definitely in no way deserving of this grievous situation. They share only one child, a son, who is their pride and joy, who recently blessed them with his own pride and joy last October, a beautiful baby granddaughter!

So she has every reason to have a strong and healthy comeback from this. I will pray everyday that it happens!



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