Am I Blu…

Yee Haw! I received a return phone call from the lady selling the morab.  She did give me quite a detailed sales pitch, but I believe she was entirely honest about the horse.  It was nice to actually talk to someone about their horse rather then e-mail and facebook.  We sound like a good match so now I can’t wait to actually lay my eyes and hands on her.

Now for the problem… She is a bit over my budget and firm on her price, however, the owner did say she would take the remainder in payments as long as the horse stays on her property until paid in full.  She sounds like a very up front type person, not wishy washy or leaving me guessing.

We have made tentative plans to hook up a week from Saturday.  I am so excited, I can hardly stand myself! She is still trying to get the video downloaded to her computer, as her cd rom is not working  correctly.

I will ad the photos that she forwarded to me in an e-mail. Again, feel free to critique, I promise not to be offended, but also hope you see something you like 🙂




Horse crazy and lovin' it!

3 thoughts on “Am I Blu…

  1. She’s very cute! I will point out one thing though that I would be concerned about. She’s VERY overweight. And she has a very ‘cresty” neck, which would make me very concerned about her being insulin resistant. And it’s not just that she’s got a big belly, but you can see the fatty deposits on her chest and rump too. Now maybe these pictures are old and she’s in much better shape now than when these were taken, but please take a few minutes and do some reading about this health issue … it can be a really big problem down the line, causing other very serious foot and health issues. It’s not as simple as just putting your horse on a diet, either. Horses that have insulin resistance don’t just drop weight when they’re put on diets. My other concern, especially for the condition that she’s in in the pictures above, is that her feet are small for the size of her body. Again, that can result in issues down the line. Morgans tend to have “thicker” bodies, but the problem I see with this mare is that she’s got the heavier Morgan build on refined, Arab-type legs … that’s something I personally would not want, but that’s me. I have no idea what you want to do with this horse if you got her. Good luck and … well, just be careful … don’t rush into anything and try not to buy her based on a purely emotional response!

    1. Thank you for your honesty 🙂 I did notice the round body, but not the small feet. I will proceed with caution, promise, butttttt I am an emotional person, especially where horses are concerned…. ugh! Thanks for the link, I have researched this before as my paint mare is a VERY easy keeper. But doesn’t have the cresty neck.
      I plan on trail riding, working up to some short endurance rides. And possibly some small shows.

    2. I was just going over my previous posts here and remembered this one… I just wanted to say that in person Blu actually has very nice big hooves, probably bigger than the other mares we have here. She is a bit overweight, but with having a nice natural arch to her neck, as many arabs do, it makes it appear a little more cresty. I will def keep a close eye on her.

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