Suzie Q, baby I love you, Suzie Q

I am so worried that the time for me to be making a very serious decision about Suzie is nearer than ever.  She seems to be very sore the past few days unless she gets regular doses of her pain medicine.  The weather has been so up and down lately, I think it makes it worse for her.  She is notorious for pulling through tough situations though…  Ugh! I wish I could just pass the buck and let someone else be responsible for this.  I was hoping I could at least make her comfortable enough to remain a pasture ornament.  I will continue to hope for the best for her, but at the same time promise to recognize if she is suffering needlessly.  Pray with me for the best please. ❤




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3 thoughts on “Suzie Q, baby I love you, Suzie Q

  1. What’s going on with her? I know how that feels … I struggled with my old mare when she went through a good month or so of ups and downs until I finally had to make that tough decision. It’s a very difficult decision to make and my heart goes out to you. But no matter what you decide I know you’ll do what’s best for your girl. I’ll keep you both in my prayers. If that’s her in the photo above, she’s SO beautiful.

    1. Yes, this is my mare, she is 14 this year and has struggled on and off with lameness. I have always had regular hoot trims for all my horses but didn’t know for a few years my farrier had been trimming this particular horse at a bad angle. I don’t know why, but several times I had told him her toe looks very long maybe he could shorten it a bit more and that would help her soreness, and he would continue to tell me why she should be kept at this angle and maybe she was abscessing again, as she had in the past, yada yada yada. I had a vet out to take a look at her and he thought probably abscess, so gave her pain meds and seemed to clear up for a while. But she soon became sore again, finally I had another vet out who took x-rays. The sad conclusion is she had been trimmed at a bad angle for so long she has pinching at her coffin joint, really close to bone against bone. Even though I have been working with a new farrier for about 2 years now to improve her angle and have had follow up x-rays to confirm the angle, she is still very sore on some days, and at least mildly sore most of the time. There is obviously permanent damage. I try to give her supplements and pain meds to help but it seems lately she may be too uncomfortable. So, I hope that I can have the courage to recognize when the quality of her life is just not there anymore. Thank you sooo much for the prayer and good thoughts!

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