On the hunt

This is a little arabian mare I have had my eye on that is for sale.  I have been obsessing over her ad for a few days now and have contacted the owner.  There is a lady that may buy her on Feb. 1st., so I will have to wait until then to see if she will still be available.  She sounds absolutely perfect for me! Please keep your fingers crossed with me that she will be available for me to snatch up as my own.

Some of my preferences are:

  1. I like mares (we just seem to bond better)
  2. Prefer a shorter small frame (for easier mounting from the ground and overall more comfortable for me to ride)
  3. Not spooky, calm temperament. As I plan on trail/endurance riding.
  4. Arabian or Half Arabian, so she can potentially be used as a second show horse for my daughter.
  5. Hopefully some trail experience.

This little mare named Fanci seems to fit the bill in all categories.

Of course any of these can be negotiable if that right fit of a horse is found.  I intend on being super selective! I want a lifetime forever and ever horse 🙂





Horse crazy and lovin' it!

3 thoughts on “On the hunt

  1. Well, it’s been my experience that Arabians are spooky in general. I mean, if there’s nothing to spook at, they’ll gladly make something up. I call my mare the Bottle Rocket because you just never know which way she’s going to jump when she spooks. My former mare (23 years) was just as spooky. Over dumb stuff, too. Things we saw on every single ride, she’d react like she’d never seen them before in her life. Every time. No amount of miles was going to change that. Oh, and I never met one that didn’t have an aversion to water. You can conquer that, but most never really take to water naturally. They’re desert horses through and through. Personally, I prefer the boys. Mares can be too temperamental and hormonal. But that’s just my take on it. I’ve heard a lot of people say a good mare is worth her weight in gold and that’s probably true. Trouble is, there’s a heck of a lot of mares out there that aren’t.

  2. Hi Mary! Pretty horse, but like your other commenter, I’m a gelding gal. Mares can be so, well… mare-ish! I think Arabians are lovely to look at but don’t know anything about their characteristic temperaments. You and I seem to be looking for the same kind of horse: small, sweet and bomb-proof! Good luck with your search!

    1. My problem is, the sweetest horse we have ever had the pleasure of owning was an adorable little half arab mare name Honey, nothing will ever compare, but I will keep searching for something close 😉

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