Following my own dreams

I have been thinking for some time now on how I am going to transition my horsey goals in life from my daughters dreams and goals to my own.  The last five years have been focused on getting her training and lessons so she can be successful, getting her horse trained and experienced so he can be successful, and I have been the shuttle bus and the financial support.  I have LOVED every minute of it!  But, now she is more independent and doesn’t need quite as much of my undivided attention, so I really need to stop using her goals as mine, and get my own in order.

Starting my check list:

  1. Make my best effort to get my horse sound for riding.  If she is unable to become sound again I need to recognize and accept this and move on. (she has been getting regular farrier care to treat her condition but I am unable to give up quite yet)
  2. Ride my daughters horse more often and more independently to gain better balance and confidence while my horse is receiving treatment. (she has arthritis in her knee so this will be limited to what is comfortable for her)
  3. Buy a horse that is best suited to my personality and at a training level that I can handle. One that will make a great long term mount.
  4. Attend at least two “play dates” with my horse this summer that does not necessarily have to include my daughter. I CAN DO THIS ON MY OWN! right?

Well this is my start.  I am sure I will revise this list obsessively. Can’t wait for warmer weather now!



Horse crazy and lovin' it!

One thought on “Following my own dreams

  1. So, I am feeling all good about myself and my new checklist above, thinking things are really going to start looking better for my horsey situation, I head out to put the horses in for the night and feed and water them, only to find…. my mare is limping worse then ever! I thought we were on the right track with our new farrier and the special shoes he put on her. No dice! So in her stall she went with a nice healthy dose of bute. I am worried it’s getting closer to the time for me to be making some important decisions. Not a good evening for this horse lover 😦

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